Monday, July 2, 2012

Product Review: Big Sexy Hair's Powder Play

Product Review: Big Sexy Hair's Powder Play

Cost: $14.99
Where to Purchase: Ulta, some drugstores

Claims: Big sexy hair powder play volumizing and texturizing powder powers up the volume in every hair type with no product feel! Its weightless, odorless and colorless on hair.

Thoughts: This is a product that came highly recommended by my friend. It do a small 'poof' on my hair on dirty hair days so I tend to tease the crown, however halfway in the day my 'poof' has completely disappeared and my volume has gone with it. So she recommended I dust this right after I tease and just 'pat it in'. And BOOM! this stuff  actually WORKS! I mean, my volume never leaves, it holds the teasing and creates a nice little poof on my crown. I have to have this in my bathroom all the time, it quickly resolves a dirty hair day.
How I use it: Once I've teased the crown of my head, a dust a wee bit of the powder on my hair and 'pat it' in. During the day if I feel I need more volume I just 'rub' the area and it inflates once more. It washes off with shampoo.


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