Saturday, July 14, 2012

Product Review: Real Techniques Powder Brush

Product Review: Real Techniques Powder Brush

Cost: $10
Where to Purchase: Real Techniques or Ulta
Claims:  Evenly apply powders and mineral foundations for smooth, high-definition results.

Thoughts: I've owned this brush now for 3 weeks and I usually like to use a product for longer before I post a review but I've been so enamored with this that I just had to share my thoughts. This brush is brilliant. I'm quickly becoming a big fan of Real Techniques brushes like many people and I have to say that this is my very favorite of them all. I had been searching for the perfect brush to apply my loose powder and I happily found it in this one. This brush is dense enough to work in the powder without it looking cakey yet it's soft on the skin and easy to clean. I compared it in the shots below to my MAC150, same size only a couple of $20s cheaper. Never again purchasing the MAC150 as long as I can find this. I actually prefer this one to my MAC because this one doesn't shed AT ALL while the MAC one does.
How I use it: Use it for loose powder or even bronzer.

Rating: A+

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