Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Product Review: theBalm's Shady Lady Palette Vol.3

Product Review: theBalm's Shady Lady Palette Vol.3

Cost: $39.50
Where to Purchase: Sephora
Claims: No claims.

Thoughts: As with all the Balm eyeshadows, the consistency and pigmentation of these are out of this world. To me, they are far superior to a lot of brands out there including Urban Decay. I have all 3 of the Shady Lady palettes and this is hands down my least favorite, not because these are bad eyeshadows but because it really lacks a theme. I find it hard to use two of these colors together and the combinations, for me, are limited. So this becomes one of those palettes that I just forget to use, going for palettes that have like-colors together to make a quick look in the morning. I will, however, go over each of the shades in the palette.

  • Lusty Lee (light silver) - this is a true silver, extremely pigmented and can be paired with either 'All the Way Annie' or 'Guilty Gwen'.
  • Envious Erin (metallic ivory) - this is somewhat reminiscent of MAC's Crystal Avalanche but more ivory than stark-white. It would work great as a highlighter.
  • Racy Lacy (light, warm brown) - there's nothing light about this, this is like a copper brown, extremely pigmented and for me I'd rather use this on the crease than all over the lid. Might not show as well on very dark complexions.
  • Safe Bet Annette (pearly pink) - just as described, this is a shimmery soft baby pink, definitely not my type of color.
  • Runaround Rebecca (spring Green) - this is almost a metallic green, it's very pigmented and it blends very well. I did a drastic green look by using this all over the lid and blending in MAC's Humid in the crease.
  • Come-hither Heather (light lilac silver) - as you can see from the swatch below it's super creamy and pigmented. I love this one, the soft lilac that it shows make for a great smoky purple look.
  • Open to Offers Owen (true teal) - This is like the red headed step kid of the palette, it's got nothing that really goes with it and despite me being in love with this color I always forget it's in here. I use this (when I remember) all over my lid and then I blend out very well the edges, pairing it with black liner and tons of mascara.
  • All the way Annie (soft purple) - a very brilliant dark purple with a bit of shimmer. I like to use this with MAC's All that Glitters for a neat pink & purple smoky eye look.
  • Guilty Gwen (black with silver shimmer) - a perfect dupe for MAC's Black Tied, just identical. I love Black Tied, it smokes out any look for a good smokey eye and also works great as an eyeliner.
How I use it: Use as indicated above. I use primer with all of my shadows.

Rating: A (because the pigmentation is spot on and they last all day but the overall palette and the lack of consistency make me see it as a much lower grade)

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