Sunday, July 8, 2012

Haul: Massive Online Haul 7/7/12

I had purchased quite a lot of things that I had been eyeing for a while 2 weeks ago and it seemed like they all arrived at the same time! Yay! So I'm going to through it all, maybe it's some stuff you've been checking out yourself and hopefully you'll like it!

The first thing was Miss Adoro lashes, I picked up 3 pairs from the website after hearing a nice review of them from a youtube guru. These lashes are 100% human hair, they are gorgeous all 3 of them and they have tons to choose from! I picked up (L-R) #20, #15 and #43. I am most excited about the #20s, look how full and fluffy they are! The lashes range from $2-$3 which is AWESOME for great lashes.

The next thing I got from Amazon was a beauty blender, now I had gotten the Sonia Kashuk one before and I liked it, it was fine but it was honestly a bit stiff and rough so I had been waiting to get the original beauty blender. I finally bit the bullet and got it, they retail online for about $16 for one and $19 for 2. I was a fool, I got only one and now I'm regretting it. It already feels better, I will be trying it out all week to see how I like it and maybe do and official review :)

Next bit was from Sigma Brushes. I LOVE Sigma brushes. I love them more than MAC brushes. Sigma brushes to me never shed, they're as good if not better quality than MAC and they last for ages. The eye brush I got was to replace one I lost in Michigan when I went to work the wedding of my cousin. It's just like the MAC217, it's called the E25 and it's one of brushes that I need multiple of because it's my favorite type of eye-brush. So I got a replacement and then I decided to go with the F86 which is part of their Synthetic line - which is brilliant. This brush is just so dense and soft and just a perfect brush for applying liquid foundation.

Now on to my E.L.F. haul! I've been a long-time fan of E.L.F. products so about once a year I do a large haul of their online stuff that I can never find in Target. So I did that last week.

Left to right: Studio Mascara Primer, Studio Mineral Infused Mascara, Studio Volume Pluming Mascara. All item were $3 each. These mascaras look AMAZING I can't wait to take them out for a spin.

So many goodies. I got the Studio Baked Blush in Rich Rose which would look amazing if you have dark skin, it's a golden beauty and I think I'm really going to love it as a type of bronzer. Very pigmented, it was $3. 

Then there was the Studio Cream Blush in Flirt which is a lovely happy bright pink, it's EXTREMELY pigmented so apply carefully. It's got a mousse-type consistency which is why I would consider this a mousse-blush rather than a cream blush. This item was $6, and I have to state that I was very impressed with the quality of the packaging for this item. It's locked in this hard plastic case that resembles glass and it's got a nice plastic covering over the product, feels heavy so not ideal for traveling.

Then I got the Studio Baked Eyeshadow in Burnt Plum and it is MAJESTIC. I did a swatch to compare it to other MAC shadows I own that looked alike on the pan.

This color is going to look so awesome just all across the lid with some brown liner and tons of mascara, I just know it. These watches were done dry with no primer so you can see how pigmented it is! The baked eyeshadows are all $3.

Then we have the Studio Cream Shadow in Dawn. It was $3 and right away my roommate mentioned that I had something like it already so I set about proving her wrong and I ended up loosing that battle majestically as I swatched it next to the Maybelline Color Tattoos shadow I bought last week and it was quite evident that I'd stumbled across a very near dupe. Now, you see I thought it was going to be like Tough as Taupe and it actually ended up being closer to Bad to the Bronze but with more silver in it than gold. Regardless, I am IN LOVE with this color and for $3, if you find these at Target I would go for the ELF ones rather than the Maybelline ones.


Got a new eyebrow kit in Dark, which is my favorite ever for my brows. I love it, it was $3, got a neat new product: a Makeup Mist & Set which I will be comparing it to my favorite 'DeSlick' by Urban Decay. That product was $3! And I got one of their Mineral Eyeliner in Black which looks SUPER smooth and very pigmented. I'll have to test it out in my waterline later on.

Some lip stuff, got a Studio Matte Lip Color in Tea Rose which is a violet-pink tone. Looks good, I just don't know if it'll flatter my skin tone without making me look like an extra of Walking Dead. That was $3. Then I got one of their ELF Essential Lipstain in Nude Nectar, that was $2. It's a bit... brownish orangy... don't know if I like it. Looks like not a lot of product comes out. I'm still not convinced of that one. Then I got one of their Studio Retractable Lip Brush which looks like a great little pocket brush to have in my purse.

And finally some makeup brushes, for the Mineral Powder Brush which right away reminded me of the MAC109 brush, which I really love. And the Studio Flawless Concealer Brush which looks rather stumpy. I'm not singing its praises just yet.

And then the big one that I put on my instagram was....

A CLARISONIC!!!! My boss sent me this for my birthday, she's so special, I love and adore her. It's in this lovely aqua-blue and it's my current favorite possession.

I hope you all enjoyed this haul!

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