Saturday, June 23, 2012

Product Review: Rusk Designer Collection Thick

Product Review: Rusk Designer Collection Thick

Cost: Around $6
Where to Purchase: Found mine at TK Maxx.
Claims: Gives incredible body, volume, and added texture from the inside out. Becomes invisible in the hair.

Thoughts: I've nearly used an entire bottle of this and though I don't walk around with 80's big hair, it does give it a boost. However, despite the initial boost as the day wear on my hair deflates once more. I think this would work if you're going out for dinner at night where you only need 2-3 worth of volume, I don't recommend it for all-day use. My hair doesn't feel thicket but it does get a big of volume to it.
How I use it: I spray my roots with it, generously, when the hair is clean and wet. Blow-dry as normal.

Rating: B

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