Monday, June 25, 2012

Product Review: LORAC's Behind the Scenes Eye-Primer

Product Review: LORAC's Behind the Scenes Eye-Primer

Cost: Around $21
Where to Purchase: ULTA, Sephora
Claims: Behind The Scenes Eye Primer is a crease-resistant formula that holds pigment in place for long-lasting, stay-true color. It easily glides on the eye lid and the silky-smooth finish minimizes flaws and imperfections on the lid.

Thoughts: I'll start off by stating that I've just bought my second tube of this. It's by far my favorite high-end primer. Probably my favorite primer ever. The plus: the squeezy-tube, the smooth formula that you only need a tiny bit of, and honestly, if I didn't wash my makeup off at night I could sleep and this sucker would keep my eyeshadow on all night. I think the most important thing to take into consideration when using an eye-primer is that you cannot - I repeat - cannot apply powder over you lid before you do your eyes. Keep your powder away from your lid so that the lid still has that 'sticky' feel from the foundation/concealer or just your moisturizer. When I do other people's makeup I use this even bridal makeup lasts thru the photos, hugs and dancing. Seriously great stuff.
How I use it: Apply small amount over lid, blending with ring finger until lid is nice and 'sticky'.

Rating: A+

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  1. I completely agree with you about not applying powder. I had someone at Ulta tell me that was the proper way to apply eye primer. I was like - then what's the point? Good call. I'll check this one out!