Friday, June 29, 2012

Product Review: Organix Brazilian Keratin Theraphy Shampoo & Conditioner

Product Review: Organix Brazilian Keratin Theraphy Shampoo & Conditioner

Cost: Around $6 each
Where to Purchase: Drugstores, Walmart or Target
Claims: An exclusive blend of antioxidant rich cocoa nut oil along with lush keratin proteins to strengthen and soften the hair, while organic avocado oil and cocoa butter smooth the cuticle for straight, strong tresses, adding a brilliant glow and luminescent shine. Sulfate & sodium free.

Thoughts: I purchased this pair because I wanted to know what this entire sulfate & sodium free bandwagon was all about. At the recommendation of another blogger I went with the Keratin Theraphy formula of Organix. I finished both bottles to their entirety and despite it not being the worst shampoo/conditioner I've ever tried it certainly wasn't the best. It was OK, it didn't do anything special for my hair and quite honestly my hair is not that hard to please. I have long fine wavy hair, which as long as I condition it looks good but I just didn't see it be more straight. It still frizzed when the weather got bad so I think I might try another one of the line and get to you all with my thoughts.
How I use it: Shampoo and condition every 2 days.

Rating: C+

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